Extrusion lines for corrugated and flexible plastic pipes

Our Mission


For large multinationals or small emerging companies: designing solutions that fully meet customer needs represents our commitment since the 1960s.
We are able to produce complete lines of extrusion for sectors ranging from medical engineering to civil engineering, automotive, to small and large household appliances.
All of our systems are equipped with the highest standards of quality and technology to achieve the best competitive edge on the market.
Flexibility, ease of use, reliability, low maintenance, durability and cost control are the goals our team is constantly working on and which have made OLMAS a recognized Italian excellence in the world.

Tailor made quality

OLMAS manufactures internally all machines (except for extruders and special winders). Most of the components come from carefully selected raw material blocks - such as iron, steel, aluminum - machined by CNC machines. The pieces are then hardened, grounded and assembled strictly by hand by qualified personnel from long years of experience.


Our extrusion lines for plastic corrugated and flexible pipes are the result of the combination of over 50 years of craftsmanship with the most advanced technology, always used in compliance with international safety regulations. All machines are equipped with the most reliable and innovative electronic components to allow perfect integration with any other machinery as well as production report deliveries.

Core business

The materials used for producing tubes are many and with different characteristics; It goes from the PVC of corrugated pipes to the electrical sector, to high or low density polyethylene (HDPE and LDPE) for double wall pipes, from polyolefin to nylon, used for the tubes of the automotive industry

Thanks to the expertise of its engineers, OLMAS manufactures equipment, dies, extrusion heads and molds on the basis of specific physico-chemical responses of the plastic material to be machined.

High flexibility

OLMAS systems are always tailored to customer requirements. The proven standard base is enhanced to achieve better performance, such as increasing production speed or interfacing with other machines. Every single change, designed, built and assembled in the company, is tested for long before being assembled to ensure maximum reliability and durability of the machines.

Easy handling

The synergy with the customer during design allows us to deliver perfectly tailored and ready-to-use equipments. On a specific request, it is possible to agree on the commissioning or training of on-site staff, but since all OLMAS corrugators are equipped with touchscreen controls with a particularly intuitive interface, in most cases the staff is able to operate independently in real time .

High durability and low maintenance

The accuracy of the production system and the use of high quality raw materials and electrical components make OLMAS systems built for over twenty years still working today with continuous production cycles. Ordinary maintenance involves replacement of wear parts only after a very large number of hours of operation. In any case and at any time, the customer can count on the availability of spare parts and on OLMAS's ready-made assistance.

Promises Maintained for more than 50 years

From briefing to post-sales assistance, every phase of the life of the plant is managed and built internally by our team of enthusiasts who share their passion, experience and professionalism. The long and prestigious list of customers from every continent who has chosen us in over fifty years of activity makes us proud of our work and represents the best evidence to OLMAS quality.