Extrusion lines for corrugated and flexible plastic pipes



OLMAS's extrusion lines for plastic tubes, are made up of a wide range of compliant machines and accessories according to maximum flexibility. They form the proven standard base that our team customizes in relation to customer needs (performance, productivity, or integration with other machines). Every OLMAS machine is born from a fifty-year craftsmanship that, starting from blocks of the best raw material, forges its individual components. The combination with the technology of numerical control machines and the use of the most advanced electronic components makes these products unique for quality and durability over time. Simplicity of use, low maintenance and cost control are the other features that, from corrugator to cutter, all OLMAS products have in common.

Reliable, highly productive and prepared to work in all countries around the world: the OLMAS corrugators born from the union of fifty years of Italian experience with the latest international technologies.
Thanks to the experience gained over the years, Olmas is capable of providing accessory equipment for the completion of the extrusion line.
With the Olmas technology can produce co-extruded tubes made with two or three different materials, creating the individual products or double wall, specifically requested by the medical sector.