Extrusion lines for corrugated and flexible plastic pipes

Accessories for extrusion lines


Thanks to the experience gained over the years, Olmas is capable of providing accessory equipment for the completion of the extrusion line.
The same reliability, ease of use and attention to detail present in our corrugating, characterize the entire Olmas production.

Extrusion die heads

Olmas offers different types of extrusion die heads to find the best match to the customers' applications


Starting from raw material Olmas can produce different types of molds in steel or aluminium for the production of pipes from Ø4 mm to Ø500 mm. Each mold is checked in every production step in order to assure high standard of quality and high durability in time. Olmas offers highly customization to match customer's needs, molds can also been engraved with company logo or text with information about pipe or its content

Cooling tanks

Olmas provides cooling tanks of different measures, specifically designed according to the diameter of the pipes to realize and to the production speed.


The Olmas perforator come with 6 rotating propellers that drive and simultaneously pierce the tube, thanks to special punches Carbide.

Cutting units

Efficiency, stability, ease of use and low maintenance costs are the winning qualities of cutters Olmas.