Extrusion lines for corrugated and flexible plastic pipes



Over the past fifty years, OLMAS has refined technologies and solutions that fully meet the requirements of a dynamic market, formed by different sectors. Whether small diameter tubes for automotive applications or large sizes required by civil engineering, OLMAS designs plants that can make each customer competitive, not only in relation to the specific industry, but also in terms of size and production needs . Our plant produces co-extruded tubes made of one, two or three different plastic materials, spiral, single, double wall and multilayer tubes. Any necessity is taken into account and analyzed with passion and expertise by our dedicated team to turn to the best possible project, always in line with the most rigorous international norms.


Corrugated pipes for air conditioning systems, tank filler necks and tank ventilation, protection pipes.

Electrical solutions

Solutions for elettrical appliances, corrugated pipes with steel wire or pre wired.

Heating and Cooling

Pipe in pipe hoses for warm and cold water and single and double wall pipes for air conditioning systems

Home appliances

Discharge hoses for washing machines or dish water and cable for vacuum cleaner

Medical Applications

Extensible corrugated or bilumen hoses for medical applications

Water drainage

Single or dual layer hoses for water drainage of water conduits for farming and road