Extrusion lines for corrugated and flexible plastic pipes
  • OLMAS s.r.l.


Reliable, highly productive and prepared to work in all countries around the world: the OLMAS corrugators born from the union of fifty years of Italian experience with the latest international technologies.

Accessories for extrusion lines

Thanks to the experience gained over the years, Olmas is capable of providing accessory equipment for the completion of the extrusion line.

Tools for spiral hoses reinforced

With the Olmas technology can produce co-extruded tubes made with two or three different materials, creating the individual products or double wall, specifically requested by the medical sector.


Established in 1960, OLMAS designs and manufactures customized machines for the production of corrugated and flexible tubes made of plastic material.
With an experience of over fifty years, our team offers to the customer tailored solutions, providing them with the most innovative technologies.
Thanks to the constant commitment dedicated to the optimization of forming processes, OLMAS realizes plants among the most reliable and durable on the market capable of producing tubes with high quality standards.
For us personally created special machines projects have always represented, challenges where express professionalism and competence, because each customer’s need becomes our need.