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Extrusion Die Heads

Extrusion Die HeadDWP Oval Shape Pipe Extrusion Die Head and the DWP Double Wall Pipe Extrusion Die Head

To guarantee excellent results and high-quality corrugated pipes, we pay particular attention to the development of Extrusion Heads, in addition to Corrugators. Our range of extrusion heads includes two high-quality products: the “DWP Oval Shape Pipe Extrusion Die Head” and the “DWP Double Wall Pipe Extrusion Die Head”.

These extrusion heads are designed with the utmost precision and built with durable materials to ensure long-term durability and reliability. With careful consideration of the entire production line, including the design of the extrusion heads, we offer different types of extrusion die heads to find the best match to the customers’ applications

Extrusion Die Heads

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Extrusion Die HeadsDWP oval shaped pipe extrusion die head

DWP oval shaped pipe extrusion die head is designed to produce oval shaped pipes by extrusion process. This type of extrusion head is mainly used in the construction industry to produce oval tubes used as conduits for the passage of air, water and other fluids. The extrusion head is made up of a number of components, including an oval outlet nozzle and a series of cooling channels. The extruder melts the material and pushes it through the extrusion head, where the material is formed into the desired oval shape.

The DWP oval shaped pipe extrusion die head is designed to produce high quality oval shaped pipes with a uniform finish. Furthermore, thanks to its oval shape, it allows to obtain pipes with a greater cross-sectional area compared to circular pipes with the same diameter, allowing a greater flow of fluids with less friction.

  • Material HDPE/PP
  • Flat design by vacuum technology

Application: Mechanical forced ventilation in the houses. Prestressed infrastructure as pipes reinforced and protection for bridges, dams and other infrastructure buldings

Extrusion Die HeadsDWP double wall pipe extrusion die head

The DWP double wall pipe extrusion die head produces double wall pipe, offering numerous advantages for a wide range of applications. This extrusion head is ideal for the protection of electrical and optical cables as well as soil drainage pipes.

Working with materials such as HDPE and LDPE, our DWP extrusion die allows efficient production of pipes with both an inner wall and an outer wall. This ensures the creation of strong and durable pipes that meet the specific needs of your projects. The DWP double wall pipe extrusion die head ensures an even distribution of the material throughout the extrusion process, ensuring the production of high quality, thick walled pipes. Thanks to vacuum extrusion technology, the DWP extrusion head creates circular tubes with a flawless double wall structure.

  • Material HDPE-LDPE
  • Round pipe figure through vacuum technology

Application: Electrical cables protection (as well as fiber optics cable protection), land drainage pipes