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Flexible, Customizable, Productive

The C2 model is an innovative machine designed for the production of medium diameter pipes between Ø10 mm and external diameters up to Ø55 mm, used in various industrial sectors, including the electrical, sanitary, domestic, automotive and medical sectors.


This corrugator stands out for its versatility and the many features it offers.

Its compatibility with single and dual channel vacuum and blow molds allows for a wide range of possibilities in the production of tubes with different shapes and characteristics.
Furthermore, the C2 Corrugator allows for the creation of pipes with internal laminates and with color stripes, offering further possibilities for customizing the products.

The liquid cooling system, which can be connected to an industrial refrigerator or cooling system, ensures efficient temperature control during production.

This machine stands out for its high productivity, despite its compact size. Robustness and stability in production help ensure a continuous and reliable process. It is designed to reach high production speeds, allowing you to obtain a high volume of tubes in a short time.

The C2 Corrugator, a highly customizable machine, able to satisfy the specific needs of each customer.

Technical Information

  • High speed
  • Mold blocks made of steel
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Siemens PLC unit
  • Touch screen panel
  • Movement of the molds forward and backward
  • Water cooling system for front bend, rear bend, left channel, right channel and center channel
  • Quick and easy change of mold blocks
  • Pneumatic ejector cylinder
  • Interface for synchronization with the extruder
  • Enabled for Industry 4.0

C2 | Technical Details 



Ø10mm ID

Ø55mm OD

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