Extrusion lines for corrugated and flexible plastic pipes

Model C66AP


Studied for the production of medium and large diameter pipes for the sanitary sector, for exhaust and water drainage in a range between Ø50 mm Ø250 mm internal and external.
Extremely versatile, thanks to special extrusion heads is able to realize tubes provided with internal walls and with different color stripes.
It equipped with aluminum alloy molds that slide on special trolleys to facilitate and expedite the process of mold change.

By PLC and touch screen monitor, you can control all functions of the corrugator and other equipment that make up the line.
Thanks to external interfaces, the corrugator can be remotely controlled so as to synchronize the speed with extruders and other equipment of the line.
The internal cooling system, also, maintains constant the temperature of the molds and of the slopes in order to maintain uniform production even after many hours of continuous operation.

In short
• Aluminium molds with internal cooling circuit mounted on bogies for fast & easy production's changes.
• Change molds and easily
• Compatible with for forming molds in blow molding and vacuum
• Liquid cooling with possibility of connection to industrial refrigerator or cooling system
• High productivity, small size, robustness and stability in production
• Easy to use
• Consumption and reduced maintenance costs
• Customizable to customer needs
• Particularly suitable for the production of medium and large size tubes, for the health sector, for drain and water drainage

Corrugator C66AP
Molds for C66AP
Corrugator C66AP