Extrusion lines for corrugated and flexible plastic pipes

Model C2

OLMAS Corrugator Model C2

Studied for the production of medium diameter pipes for the electrical industry, health care, household, automotive and medical industries, in a range between 10 mm diameter internal and external Ø55 mm.
Extremely versatile, thanks to special extrusion heads is able to realize central tubes with different color foils and strips.

In short
• Compatible with molds in blow molding and vacuum single and dual channel
• Possibility to vary the number of molds with simple operations
• Ability to produce tubes with internal strips and stripes
• Liquid cooling with possibility of connection to industrial refrigerator or cooling system
• High productivity, small size, robustness and stability in production
•Easy to use
• consumption and reduced maintenance costs
• Customizable to customer needs
• Designed to achieve high production speeds
• Particularly suitable for electrical, medical, household, automotive and healthcare