Extrusion lines for corrugated and flexible plastic pipes

Model C4

OLMAS Corrugator Model C4

Compact and specifically designed for the production of tubes of small diameter in a range between Ø4 mm internal and external Ø18 mm, also with very thin thickness.
These characteristics make it ideal for the realization of nylon tubing in the automotive industry.

In short
• Dies and molds of small dimensions for the production of pipes with small diameters and low thicknesses
• Compatible with for forming molds in blow molding and vacuum
• Possibility to vary the number of molds with simple operations
• Ability to control all functions through PLC and touch screen monitor
• Liquid cooling with possibility of connection to industrial refrigerator or cooling system
• High productivity, small size, robustness and stability in production
• Customizable to customer needs
•Easy to use
• consumption and reduced maintenance costs